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Dance And Fitness Classes In Nashville

Are you looking for dance class information in Nashville? The Music City definitely has a lot to offer in terms of variety of dance forms or workout classes you could attend. You might be a consistent learner of a certain style or want to take up learning varied dance styles. Others often look out for signing up for dance inspired workout sessions. No matter what you are looking for, here are some options you can consider.

Studio 51st

This is a fitness studio that is located in West Nashville. There are different kinds of workout and dance classes held here such as ballet techniques and others besides spinning classes, yoga and others. This studio is also owned by the people who brought you http://www.deltasbestpainters.com

If you are willing to try fib funk, classes along with strength training, b. Feb. fitness is a great place to try out. This center has its own signature dance cardio classes that are a great try, whether you simply want the energetic dance routines or wish to lose weight.

Studio Goddess

If you ever wanted to be able to dance the way the women do with the dance poles or by using different accessories in mid air, this is a studio you would want to enroll at. It is a boutique studio that caters to women, for creative and fun dance classes.

Get fit on the go

This fitness facility has several fitness workout programs for you to enroll in. They also have dance fitness and pole or barre classes as well as personal training and boot camps as well.


Histown dance studio

This studio is usually hired out for dance classes. You could log onto their website and check the specific dance schedules they have at the moment which tend to vary.

Delinquent debutantes

This is a fun class of dance to join, especially for the ladies. They get to learn flirty dance moves as well as having cardio workouts as well. It sure is a great way to make friends and learn some moves to try on a new partner on the dance floor.


This is another great place you could opt for. Not only will you learn jazz moves, but combine the same into workout regimes. The amazing dance moves and heart pumping music will leave you breathless and toned as well.

The above names of fitness studios will help you find a combination of dance and workout options. If you are looking for a particular dance class, such as a sewing class or so forth, it is easy to find them through online catalogs. Simply look up the options you have and choose a center that seems to have timings as per your convenience and is conveniently located. Contact them and opt for a trial class to get started.