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Different Kinds Of Workout Through Different Dance Forms

In most cases, dance is considered an excellent form of cardio. It helps to burn calories, requires stamina and helps to build endurance. However, there are different dance forms that can help build muscles and tone the same, leading to a more comprehensive form of workout.

dance forms

  •        High energy dance routine

This form of dance involves quick moves too fast music. It helps to increase your heart rate and help you sweat it out or burn your extra calories. With fast movements and pulsating music, you will not realize how the time flies as you remain on your feet.

  •        Zumba

This African dance inspired workout routines to have the characteristic of focusing on the core areas of your body. The emphasis is on moving these joints and areas like your butt, hips, and thighs. Along with that, there is high energy and fast moves included. Hence, it proves to be a highly effective workout that gets core region in shape and burns the fat away from such parts.

  •        Hip hop or street dance styles

While nondancers tend to stay away from such styles of dance, even if you try the moves without getting the exact style you would be working on strength train. Most moves in such styles need core strength. Many floor movements are also involved; when you try these dance styles you would be indulging in resistance training without even realizing it.

  •        Classical dance like ballet

Though such forms of dance are usually kept for the young learners who move to the adult stage with such dance lessons, ballet moves involve stretches and flexibility. Even if you try some of the ballet dance moves and warm up routine, you will benefit from stretching and toning of your body muscles, especially of the legs and arms. It also helps to correct posture and build an elegant form.

  •        Social dancing like ballroom or Latin styles

These forms of dance are not physically demanding and put emphasis on subtle body movements. While you might not feel as if you are working out at all, long hours of such classes help give you a moderate level of cardio exercise. You would be working on coordinating movements with music and with the moves of another partner. Such dances help stimulate your sexual hormones as they are essentially romantic dance forms. With a relaxing mode of dancing, you would be stimulating hormones that help you to feel relaxed and connected with others.

If you look at the different dance forms and how they help your physical well-being, there are ways to have different kinds of workout with different dance styles. At the same time, the dance has a higher connection to your mind and soul with music that promotes a healthier state of mind as well.