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Nashville ā€“ The Land Of Music And Dance

If you are surprised to see the number of spots where you could go dancing, experience live band music and lots more in the scene of dance and music in Nashville, this should not surprise you. Nashville is a unique city in Tennessee that has a rich history in the performing arts scene. The city formed in 1779 as a small town. Located on the Cumberland River banks in Middle Tennessee, this town that started as a village has now converted into one of the worldwide destinations for music and dance.

Well, it all gets traced back to the rich history of music in this city. Not surprisingly, it is called the Music City and is considered as the home of country music. The creative vibes in this city are infectious as every visitor confesses to. If you are a fan of the blues or the country music genre, you must make a trip to Nashville. Your love for dancing will find a lot of options as well. The night spots here give you the options to dance the evening and night away, some even starting off from Monday nights.

Among the music based attractions in the city of Nashville, the Grand Ole Opry is a prominent landmark to visit. There are shows presented here many times during the week; radio shows are also broadcast here on weekends like Friday and Saturday nights.

There are other tourist attractions and landmark places here related to music. The Country Music Hall of Fame, as well as the Mother Church of Country Music, is prominent places that are a must see. You can also catch live performances at the Ryman Auditorium, which is located close to the above-mentioned venues. Broadway is the best downtown area to check out that has numerous music and dance venues along with attractive choices in food and drinks. These include places like Opry or Tootsieā€™s Orchid Lounge. The Country Music Hall of Fame has several exhibits on the impact and history of country music. Music Row is the home of publishing companies and studios as well as record labels.

You will also enjoy visiting different venues in lower Broadway that has many bars and clubs besides retail outlets. You can also visit Frist Center for Visual Art where exhibits, as well as music, are equally featured. So would be Schermerhorn Symphony Center.