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Zumba – Your Way To Fitness

This is an aerobic fitness routine that is based on energetic dance moves. It is a fun way of losing weight and you can do so with a friend in a social environment where others attend as well. People attend classes of Zumba based on different locations, price, and timings. If you have not attended an energetic dance class before, you might wonder whether you will like it or not. While every Zumba class instructor has his or her own style of instructions, usually the moves are designed to be simple movements that can be easily copied by those attending the class.

If you are worried about how you will look foolish in such a class or being left footed, simply try an online video demonstration and try to follow along. Zumba choreography differs widely. Usually, there are classes held for beginners that comprise of simple moves that are easy to follow. Hence, the best way of trying out an energetic Zumba class is to start at a basic level and then work your way up to more challenging classes. All that depends on how you pick up the moves and how much you enjoy doing the Zumba.

This dance exercise routine is based on African dance moves that are based on original African beats. Nowadays there are catchy Zumba music and compositions that are made of popular pop music as well. What you will like about such a class is the energy that is produced by the music and the moves that the group engages with. You will love moving to the beat and following the steps of the instructor and would have burnt calories considerably within an hour or half hour of a session. It is definitely a fun way to burn calories and is a great way to make new friends.


Dance And Fitness Classes In Nashville

Are you looking for dance class information in Nashville? The Music City definitely has a lot to offer in terms of variety of dance forms or workout classes you could attend. You might be a consistent learner of a certain style or want to take up learning varied dance styles. Others often look out for signing up for dance inspired workout sessions. No matter what you are looking for, here are some options you can consider.

Studio 51st

This is a fitness studio that is located in West Nashville. There are different kinds of workout and dance classes held here such as ballet techniques and others besides spinning classes, yoga and others. This studio is also owned by the people who brought you

If you are willing to try fib funk, classes along with strength training, b. Feb. fitness is a great place to try out. This center has its own signature dance cardio classes that are a great try, whether you simply want the energetic dance routines or wish to lose weight.

Studio Goddess

If you ever wanted to be able to dance the way the women do with the dance poles or by using different accessories in mid air, this is a studio you would want to enroll at. It is a boutique studio that caters to women, for creative and fun dance classes.

Get fit on the go

This fitness facility has several fitness workout programs for you to enroll in. They also have dance fitness and pole or barre classes as well as personal training and boot camps as well.


Histown dance studio

This studio is usually hired out for dance classes. You could log onto their website and check the specific dance schedules they have at the moment which tend to vary.

Delinquent debutantes

This is a fun class of dance to join, especially for the ladies. They get to learn flirty dance moves as well as having cardio workouts as well. It sure is a great way to make friends and learn some moves to try on a new partner on the dance floor.


This is another great place you could opt for. Not only will you learn jazz moves, but combine the same into workout regimes. The amazing dance moves and heart pumping music will leave you breathless and toned as well.

The above names of fitness studios will help you find a combination of dance and workout options. If you are looking for a particular dance class, such as a sewing class or so forth, it is easy to find them through online catalogs. Simply look up the options you have and choose a center that seems to have timings as per your convenience and is conveniently located. Contact them and opt for a trial class to get started.


Nashville – The Land Of Music And Dance

If you are surprised to see the number of spots where you could go dancing, experience live band music and lots more in the scene of dance and music in Nashville, this should not surprise you. Nashville is a unique city in Tennessee that has a rich history in the performing arts scene. The city formed in 1779 as a small town. Located on the Cumberland River banks in Middle Tennessee, this town that started as a village has now converted into one of the worldwide destinations for music and dance.

Well, it all gets traced back to the rich history of music in this city. Not surprisingly, it is called the Music City and is considered as the home of country music. The creative vibes in this city are infectious as every visitor confesses to. If you are a fan of the blues or the country music genre, you must make a trip to Nashville. Your love for dancing will find a lot of options as well. The night spots here give you the options to dance the evening and night away, some even starting off from Monday nights.

Among the music based attractions in the city of Nashville, the Grand Ole Opry is a prominent landmark to visit. There are shows presented here many times during the week; radio shows are also broadcast here on weekends like Friday and Saturday nights.

There are other tourist attractions and landmark places here related to music. The Country Music Hall of Fame, as well as the Mother Church of Country Music, is prominent places that are a must see. You can also catch live performances at the Ryman Auditorium, which is located close to the above-mentioned venues. Broadway is the best downtown area to check out that has numerous music and dance venues along with attractive choices in food and drinks. These include places like Opry or Tootsie’s Orchid Lounge. The Country Music Hall of Fame has several exhibits on the impact and history of country music. Music Row is the home of publishing companies and studios as well as record labels.

You will also enjoy visiting different venues in lower Broadway that has many bars and clubs besides retail outlets. You can also visit Frist Center for Visual Art where exhibits, as well as music, are equally featured. So would be Schermerhorn Symphony Center.

Popular Dance Spots In Nashville

If you are planning to go dancing in Nashville there are several places you could go to. Indeed, the places where you could get great food as well as dance away till your feet tires are numerous here. A handy list is provided which can help make your choices easier.

The Stage on Broadway is a popular spot where you will get live music as well as a vibrant dance floor. Located at 412 Broadway, it is the perfect place to dance the night away after drinking. The place does get rowdy but in a way that will not leave you uncomfortable. Most people get excited about the music and the dance.

If you think Monday is simply the start of a boring and long week, come to 5 Spot. Located at 1006 Forrest Avenue in Nashville, not only will you get oven fresh pizzas, but is the perfect spot to come on Monday night for dancing.

For an open air dancing experience, try the Centennial Park. Located in W End Avenue, it is the perfect place to catch live shows as well as try swing, ballroom and other forms of Latin dancing.

For those who are interested in taking up dance lessons and performances, the Tennessee Performing Arts Center located on Deaderick Street would be a venue where you might be lined up for performances or to check out that of others. This place is considered one of the premier venues for theater in this city. It has opened in 1981 since when it has had several famous performances.

Other places that are popular for dancing are 12th and Porter. It is a good venue to select when you wish to go dancing during the weekends. Robert’s Western World on Broadway is another popular place for dancing enthusiasts. The music is great and so are the drinks and food that are cheap and affordable. It is a great spot to check out live band performances on country music.

Try Whiskey Bent Saloon as well when you are in Nashville. There is a band performance on Friday nights here and they cover both country and rock music. Located on the Broadway stretch, here you can also catch fifties style music.

Skull’s Rainbow Room is another great spot where the whiskey is great and so is the music. You will surely love the dancing here. In this city of Blues music, this is a popular and historic joint to try out.

The Flipside is another place that is popular for food. You will love to check out signature dishes and drinks here such as root beer float and their fried chicken varieties. They also have a dance party every Friday which makes it a happening spot to be in.